about us

Axel Kraft International was founded in 1982 by an enterprising new Canadian, Axel Kraft, as a supplier to Canada’s first Body Shops. Today, we continue to provide high-quality merchandise to specialty boutiques, major department stores, and health food stores throughout North America. We ship products to Canada, the United States, and internationally from our 40,000-square-foot warehouse in Aurora, Ontario. In this fast-paced market, collaboration with suppliers and customer service is critical. Proper care and attention through meticulous warehousing and distribution procedures are the bedrock of our efforts on this front. Our employees are committed to keeping our warehouses clean and efficient, and before leaving our facility, they ensure your order is accurate. 

our products

With the introduction of fragrant, savoury pleasures like shower gels, lotions, and accessories, Axel Kraft International has transformed the personal care sector. For over 40 years, Axel Kraft International has been committed to providing goods that will promote emotional and physical well-being by combining simple-to-use spa products with the integration of mindful rituals into daily life. Traditional spa treatments are combined with botanical and natural substances to achieve this, and a large selection of premium, user-friendly personal care products are then created. We source these great products, acquire them, and distribute them directly to you.
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