Effeclean Wood Furniture Cleaner, Fragrance Free, 946mL


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Effeclean makes eco friendly products that are safe to use, and safe for
the environment. Developed with proven formulations that are both green and provide effective cleaning performance.

Cleaning fine wood furniture can be downright risky to the furniture’s finish if the wrong product is used. Wood furniture finishes are very delicate and can scratch very easy, extra care must be used when using and cleaning to maintain that factory finish.To maintain the factory finish avoid using petroleum based products because they can leave residues that can be very difficult to remove, also dull the surface. Alcohol based cleaners can penetrate the finish and caused premature aging. Effeclean™ Genuine Eco Wood Furniture Cleaner is especially designed to help you care and preserve your fine wood furniture, pianos and other wood surfaces. All you need is a premium lint free cloth, optical grade micro-fiber or unwoven micro-fiber cloth and a bottles of our cleaner.

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