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French Nail Kit


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This kit will give you perfect looking nails in minutes!


Kit Includes:


  • 30 Glue-On Nails
  • 2 grams of Pink Gel Glue with a Glue Pin Applicator


How to Apply:


Select the correct size among the artificial nails for teach toenail. Holding the pink gel tube upright, gently twist off cap. Place glue in stand. Apply a thin coat of glue onto the back are of the nail where it will come into contact with your natural nail. Using the cuticle as a pivot point, slowly lower the nail onto your natural nail and hold firmly until set. Use paper towel to wipe any excess glue from the skin before it dries. Gently remove self tabs from toenails by bending up and down. Do not twist. Once removed, lightly file off nub at end of tip. Apply top coat for extra shine.

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