Natural Loofah



The Loofah


The fruit of the Loofah in a dried state creates a natural sponge. A network of firm fibers gives an invigorating massage that is gentle enough even for sensitive skin. As a skin conditioner, the texture of a Loofah stimulates circulation and removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin soft, smooth and glowing!


Using your Loofah


Massaging in a circular motion with your wet loofah will cause a natural blush to come to the skin’s surface. For a more vigorous massage, just moisten slightly and rub lightly for about give minutes until your skin is a deep blush pink. When you are finished, simply hang your loofah on end, this allows it to drain and dry properly. When your loofah looses firmness, it should be replaced.


Relaxing with a Loofah Massage

Using the loofah is a simple, natural way to improve circulation, soothe tired aching muscles and relieve tension. Loofahs have long been used by health and beauty clubs to treate cellulite, which is the lumpy surface fat that’s trapped beneath the skin’s surface, causing a visual orange peel effect. Massaging with your loofah will help eliminate cellulite!


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